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Melbourne CBD, VIC

Sushi Trains in Melbourne

No matter where you are in Melbourne, you are bound to find sushi. Sushi stores have so much competition, it's really hard to differentiate from others, except for your location. If you are near a corporate section, you are bound to attract customers - and that's almost everywhere in the CBD.Sushi trains are a hit overseas, but they are slowly infiltrating the lives of Melburnians too. Here's some ...


Arthurs Seat, VIC

Tree Surfing at The Enchanted Maze Garden

The Enchanted Maze Garden at Arthurs Seat is a popular destination for families with children, as the multiple mazes and gardens ensure an endless day of fun. However, if you're travelling in a group of friends and you are a bit more of the adventurous type, then the Tree Surfing offered at the same location might just be for you. If you've been to Tree's Adventures in Belgrave, these courses are ...


Ballarat, VIC

Lake Wendouree

In the midst of the cute, rural town of Ballarat, you'll find a peaceful lake known as Lake Wendouree. The town really has that small town, country feel, but away from the historic buildings lies a more active side of town. Around the lake, you'll find families out for walks and many cyclists out and about. There are several cafes around the area, capitalising on the views of the lake. It was es ...


Altona, VIC

Altona Dog Beach

Sometimes it can be difficult planning a day out to include you and your furry little (or big) friend. Fortunately there are several beaches in Melbourne that are dog friendly all year around and all day. Altona Dog Beach, also known as Burns Reserve, is a perfect place to let your dog run a little wild and to snap some beautiful memories with them. It's located between Altona Coastal Park and Al ...


Melbourne CBD, VIC

Docklands Fireworks Boat Cruises

Most people are probably aware that during July and August, the city of Melbourne holds fireworks every Friday at Docklands. To contrast the gloomy weather and draw you and your family out of your home, it's a great idea. You can drop by Docklands and enjoy a great view, but even better you can take a boat cruise and make it more of an exciting occasion. Boat cruises are offered by Pleasure Boa ...


Portsea, VIC

Fort Nepean

Previously, I wrote about a nice trip and bike ride at Point Nepean National Park. This was more about the journey to the very tip of Mornington Peninsula, whereas now I will tell you about what else is waiting for you at the end! Last time, we didn't have the same enthusiasm to explore the end as we were more excited to reach the end and admire the scenery, then ride back. This time, we took a sh ...


Melbourne, VIC

Ice Hockey - Canada vs USA

Traditionally a big sport in America, ice hockey is coming on tour to Australia, full of excitement and hype. And why not? After all, they're bringing the best teams with the biggest rivalry, USA and Canada, to showcase one of the most popular sports and provide the full experience. There will even be American commentators, jumbo screens, sound and lighting effects, entertainment and more. Image c ...


Around Melbourne, VIC

Million Paws Walk

On Sunday 18th May, you and your pup can take a stand against animal cruelty simply by participating in the Million Paws Walk 2014 organised by the RSPCA. The event will be held in multiple locations across Australia. Victorian locations include Albert Park, Mornington Peninsula, Whittlesea and more. For a full list of locations, click here. What better way to show your support than by taking you ...


Southbank, VIC

Empire 2014

Empire is a show from New York that crosses boundaries and blends genre such as comedy, burlesque, acrobatics and more. A bonus is that it is located on Crown's rooftop, where you can admire Melbourne's night view of the city.       Upon arrival you'll find an outside bar and even an ice-cream truck to keep you busy before the doors open. There is a giant cone-like structure that juts out to s ...


Rye, VIC

Picknics Cafe

If you are after a casual bite in Rye, not far from the beach, then Picknics Cafe is a suitable spot. Being around the Mornington Peninsula, I've always enjoyed the Rye beach and walking along the pier. Before this though, we had to find somewhere to accomplish the job of filling up our empty bellies. There are plenty of shops and cafes along the Nepean Highway strip in Rye, so it's always a hard ...


Yarra Junction, VIC

Blue Lotus Water Gardens

Blue Lotus Water Gardens is a lovely venue to stroll through during the day. The venue itself has an enormous range of flora, various types of water lilies and lotus flowers and tall trees to shade you during your walk. Additionally, the iconic mountains of Yarra Valley lie in the distance, adding to the awe-inspiring views.   Upon entrance, you'll immediately be amazed at the vastness of green ...


Brighton, VIC

Brighton Dog Beach

Brighton is often known for its beach, not far from the city, but just out of the city enough to have a less crowded beach than St Kilda. However, just before the popular Brighton Beach, is Sandown St Beach - a beach for dogs. Many beaches have restrictions as to what time you can bring your dog, but Sandown St beach is dedicated to dogs with no time restrictions for the whole year. You can enter ...