I love Melbourne and its eclectic offerings that cater to a diverse and wonderful range of interests! While you'll mostly see me blog about food, I'd like to travel to different cities and see more of this world too. Follow my experiences on my blog :)



Melbourne CBD, VIC

Notemaker Pop Up Warehouse Sale

Rejoice all lovers of snazzy stationery, for Notemaker are holding their warehouse sale again! The Australian company sell attractive and ergonomical lifestyle products online. Their pop up sales are the only time you get to peruse an amalgamation of global goods from designer brands all under the one roof.I'm sorry if you were eyeing that travel journal because I may have taken the last one. ...


Melbourne CBD, VIC


Dreary, cloudy days can dampen spirits so easily. Sometimes the best cure comes in the form of quality company over quality burgers. While I can't guarantee the chances of making a new friend while you're both in line, I can suggest trying the great burgers at Thaiger. Located towards the Little Collins edge of Causeway lane, their burgers are immensely popular with the 9-to-5 crowd who ...


Melbourne CBD, VIC

Chill Bro Paletas

ChillBro Paletas is part of the new slew of eateries that have opened in Melbourne Central. While Saigon Square, Uncle Jung's and ChillBro all share the same dining area, ChillBro is the only one to focus purely on desserts. But what are 'paletas' you ask? Paletas are Mexican ice creams served on a stick. 'Palo' is the Spanish word for 'stick' while 'eta' describes the flat frozen item so tec ...


Albert Park, VIC

The Guilty Moose

The Guilty Moose is a great cafe located in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Segmented into 3 rooms, it features a semi-exposed brick interior, instilling a warm, homely atmosphere. A painted branch points you in the direction of the back courtyard which must be perfect during the warmer weather. Glass cabinets to the left of the entrance display a range of sweets to tickle your fancy bef ...


Melbourne, VIC

Sugar Hit Melbourne

How does a pop up festival run by the people that brought you LuxBite, Mork Chocolate and N2 Extreme Gelato sound? There's live music to boot, and in keeping with Melbournian 'tradition', it's all happening at a hidden laneway cafe.  Sugar Hit Melbourne was set to occur over once a month, across the months of April, May and June. Each themed night brings together a concentration of some creative ...


Melbourne CBD, VIC

Medibank Icehouse

There are different sports for different terrains. Running, jumping and twirling on land could be a breeze for you but can you do the same on ice? Medibank Icehouse offers skaters, from first timers to seasoned professionals the benefit of two Olympic sized ice rinks to skate till their heart's content. For first time skaters, the Icehouse offers free 15-minutes lessons that teaches you the basics ...


Melbourne, VIC

Scandinavian Film Festival

Sick of the current blockblusters and after something fresh? The Scandinavian Film Festival in Melbourne is well underway and is showing an exciting range of films from Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark until July 27th. There are over 20 twenty films bringing many characters to focus, from the opinionated Sanna who's doubtful of love (21 Ways To Ruin A Marriage), reformed criminal Teppo ...


Carlton, VIC

Porcelain Tea Parlour

Much of life's battles occur in our thoughts, in public spaces. Often we're overwhelmed by the stream of problems with no obvious solutions, become stressed and frustrated. In these times, I would point you in the direction of newly opened specialty tea parlour, Porcelain.If the name rings a bell, perhaps you've seen it on crowdfunding site Pozible.com, or visite ...


North Melbourne, VIC


North Melbourne has become a hot spot for opening cafes in the last few years. It's very likely that you've been to the more popular ones like the beloved Auction Rooms on Errol street and the cosy Twenty & Six on Queensberry. Their popularity means it's often difficult to get a seat during peak hours, so it's a perfect chance to explore the quieter cafes that can be overlooked, when you're no ...


Carlton, VIC

The Vertue of the Coffee

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink is located in an easily overlooked alleyway next to the petrol station. The addition of a coffee sign to point you in the right direction has certainly aided newcomers in seeking out the perhaps unintentionally elusive cafe - personally I find the initial hunt to be rather exhilarating. Adventure is my type of entree.The interior is very welcoming. Spanning two ...



The School of Life

Originating in London, The School of Life focuses on cultivating your emotional intelligence in a social environment. Predominately this is facilitated through workshops and seminars that considers principles from both the arts & sciences, such as philosophy and psychiatry.  Classes such as 'How to Face Death' and 'How to Find a Job You Love' encourage productive  ...


Carlton, VIC


Lisa Valmorbida is the creative mind and maker behind popular gelateria, Pidapipo. Her journey in developing her gelato making skills has taken her from restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, to training at the Carpigiano Gelato University in Italy. Following her formal training, Lisa travelled to her family's hometown Vicenza where she refined her abilities, before returning to Melbo ...


Docklands, VIC

An Afternoon in Docklands

Docklands has come a long way. Its awkward teenage days of cultivating a unique identity are long gone we look to its recent developments into an attractive destination for all.If you've just enjoyed a shopping spree at the Spencer Outlet Centre, you may be up for some refreshments. Continue down Bourke street, past Southern Cross Station, and you'll be met by a variety of cafes and rest ...



The Melbourne Experience

In the digital age there is no shortage of resources for getting to know the ins and outs of a city, much less for the world’s most liveable city. But how many guides can capture our frenetic dedication to the eateries, galleries and pop up events in the nooks and crannies of our streets? Walk Melbourne steps in to highlight the contemporary icons of Melbourne and shed light ...


Carlton, VIC

The Queensberry Pour House

Having classes in the CBD certainly has its perks as you're spoiled for choice when it comes to superb coffee, and cafes in general really. Too bad the old favourites are everybody's favourites - why not try new ventures and reclaim the instant gratification of brunch without the lengthy wait times?Located on the corner of Queensberry st and Bouverie st, The Queensber ...


Belgrave, VIC

Trees Adventure at Glen Harrow Park

The estate of Glen Harrow is situated in Belgrave and runs alongside the famed Puffing Billy. In the late 19th century, horticulturalist Thomas Cole purchased the land and established the collection of exotic, floral species. The park is currently under lease to Trees Adventure, an exciting journey where you'll be leaping, swinging and climbing as you advance across sections of the picturesque for ...