A-manda mingy

My name is A-manda. Inspiration comes from many things in life and mine is through the eyes of the various stuff I enjoy in life. Through sharing passions is what brings the world together hence here I am to share mine!



Melbourne CBD, VIC

A jazz affair with Stacey Kent

  “So nice, life would be so nice. If one day I'd find someone who would take my hand and samba through life with me”   These words were taken from an infamous song by American soul jazz singer – Stacey Kent. On Monday 28th of April I was lucky enough to watch Stacey Kent perform live at The Melbourne Recital Centre.  A brief background on who this amazing talent I am referring to.  Stac ...


Melbourne, VIC

Miss Chu's Tuckshop

As Melbourne weather starts heading towards the chilly zone; our bodies tend to crave for warm, hearty food and if you’re like me a big fan of “pho” (Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Then Miss Chu’s is a must go for your all time Vietnamese fix. The Sydney based Vietnamese fusion tuck-shop have two branches one in the CBD on Exhibition Street and the other in the hip and trendy si ...