Hi, I'm Rachael Alford, the photographer and editor behind Melbourne Journal (@melbournejournal). I'm in love with my city, and am always exploring and discovering new secrets about it. Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to live. My aim with Melbourne Journal is to share my love for the city, and help to create a sense of pride in our city, much like New Yorkers have for New York. I think people can get too caught up in the business of every-day life, and forget to stop and notice the incredible place they are lucky enough to live in. So head over to @melbournejournal, follow me on Tumblr, or read my articles on here, and enjoy learning more about our amazing city of Melbourne!



Richmond, VIC

The Joy of Patch

Welcome to Patch! Richmond's much loved paleo-inspired cafe. Co-founders Tom Davidson and Jacob Burke have brought together their mutual passions for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle to create a very unique Melbourne eatery. Set in the old, heritage restored Channel Nine studio building, you'll be instantly won over by the scale of the place. Just look up when you walk inside to see how tall t ...