Currently a University student, exploring the gems of Melbourne city. I am passionate about art, fashion, mindful living and food. Through my posts, I wish to deconstruct and decipher the differing elements that make up this shambolic culture of my city. I hope that you are both inspired and compelled to discover new places with me, not only through my words, but you feel adventurous enough to explore its wonders yourself.



Torquay, VIC

Camping in Torquay

In sought of a getaway, a friend and I decided to venture off to coastal Victoria – the Great Ocean Road. We booked a campsite by Torquay Surf Beach and spent the next 4 days watching the sunrise, surfing and enjoying the crisp air of the pacific waters. It was a cheap, yet invigorating vacation. After a month and a half of back-to-back tests and assignments it was a liberating experience for th ...


Macedon Ranges, VIC

Hanging Rock

Hanging rock, located a few kilometres north of Mount Macedon is a collection of rocks created from the distinctive eruption of thick lava. Hanging rock contains  ‘’the hanging rock’’ itself, which is a boulder suspended between other boulders.  The highest point on Hanging rock is 718 metres from sea level and views of the surrounding flat plain and farmland, and ...


Richmond, VIC

Panachocolate Store

From it’s humble beginnings in raw, organic chocolate manufacturing – Panachocolate has now established itself a café on the outskirts of metropolitan Richmond. Specialising in freshly made cakes and ganache, their connoisseurs assure that all Pana creations are -       organic -       vegan -       gluten free -       dairy free -       soy free -       ha ...


Balaclava, VIC

Ziggy's Eatery

  Probably one of my favourite burger joints in Melbourne, specialising in gourmet burgers and dude food. Only about 3 minutes from Balaclava station, the famous Carlisle St greets you as walk past the graffiti clad walls in a somewhat residential/city hybrid of a suburb. In typical Melburnian style, Carlisle Street is narrow in infrastructure packed with little independent boutiques, cafes, orga ...


Fitzroy, VIC

Vegie Bar

If you want to enjoy genuine, great quality food that is also incredibly good for you – look no further than the shambolic ensemble that is Brunswick St. Literally 10 seconds from Tram 112 stop (from Collins St), amongst an array of vintage cafes - Vegie Bar stands out as one of the best vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw food restaurants in Melbourne.     Following the current wave of raw fo ...


Altona, VIC

Altona Dog Beach

Past the main beach pier, located on the cusp of Hobson’s Bay – a secluded piece of land has been dormant for a couple of years. Its existence has become widely recognized, and has consequently gained it's title as ‘’Altona Dog Beach’’.   Ideal for dogs that are experiencing large masses of water for the first time, or for those who are a bit scared of it. My Kelpie pup had been intro ...


Carlton, VIC

Cafe Corretto

I entered this restaurant on a whim in sought of a satisfying meal, after a long morning filled with back-to-back lectures and assignments. I was also told that it used to be the place where the Underbelly lads ordered their coffees and pizzas – which made it all the more alluring. Right in the center of Melbourne’s Italian precinct, Café Corrento has been serving authentic Southern Italian c ...


Collingwood, VIC

Collingwood Children's Farm

Situated a mere 4km from the CBD, Collingwood Children’s Farm is tucked away behind Abbottsford Convent by the Yarra River. A picturesque little farm, filled with rolling hills, green fields and eucalypt trees as a beautiful backdrop. It’s hard to believe a piece of Australian countryside could be preserved in the heart of urbanised Melbourne. Although a small farm in size with your standard s ...