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June 26, 2014


Roll up, roll up, the circus is in town!  Birrarung Marr once again plays host to Australia's very own international big-top smash Circus Oz, returning to Melbourne after a successful tour across America to Montreal.  But Wait.. There's More, a brand new world premier show for Circus Oz opened on 18 June and continues to run until 13 July, performing under a heated big top to escape Melbourne's brisk winter.

Following an extensive casting process, Circus Oz recently searched Australia in search of new recruits to add to their existing artistic ensemble.  Eight new performers make their Circus Oz debut in 2014, joining forces with returning artists.  An equal number of men and women with various backgrounds, skills and attributes make up the diverse cast now seen in But Wait…There's More.

Sticking to its large scale production style that has captivated audiences worldwide for over 35 years, But Wait…There's More introduces a punchy, witty and exciting vaudeville-­inspired show for people of all ages. 

Starting with its spectacular big-top set, inspired by abandoned theatres left in tatters, But Wait…There's More is far from your average circus show.  Circus Oz prides itself as being an animal free show, although that's not to say But Wait.. There's More misses out on the opportunity to add a little wildlife to the centre stage, with one standout booty-jigging lioness performance by the show's Ringmaster-ess groovster.

The Circus Oz crew. Image credit: Rob Blackburn  ] 

As expected, the Circus Oz crew startle the audience with their stunt-jumping acrobatics, juggling, uni-cycling, hula hooping and flying trapeze, not forgetting BMX bike and hacky sack tricksters, all the while a bar code jacketed clown humorously disrupts the show with his antics.

In-between acts, show hosts deliver political jabs at the commercially driven, fast paced world we live in today, humorously injecting adult humour into its otherwise fast-moving choreographed extravaganza.

[  The Circus Oz crew. Image credit: Rob Blackburn  ]

But Wait…There's More runs for a lengthy two hours, with an adequate 20 minute interval rest time.  Ticket prices range from $24 - $95 child (under 3 sits on your knee for free) to $40 - $95 adult.  Family and concession tickets are also available.

  Circus Oz in Melbourne

The Circus Oz crew deliver a delightful mix of humour as well as breathtaking feats, dressed in clever costumes while performing to funky tunes for your whole family to jig along too.  Head to or call 136 100 to book your tickets.

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