Altona Dog Beach

June 04, 2014


Sometimes it can be difficult planning a day out to include you and your furry little (or big) friend. Fortunately there are several beaches in Melbourne that are dog friendly all year around and all day.

Altona Dog Beach, also known as Burns Reserve, is a perfect place to let your dog run a little wild and to snap some beautiful memories with them.

It's located between Altona Coastal Park and Altona Workers' Club. There's not really an official carpark  - you will pretty much see people parking at the pedestrian entrances to the park on the grass and then heading in with their dog. These entrances aren't obvious so if you see other people with dogs, maybe ask them, as we did, and they will help lead you in the right direction.

The walk through the reserve to the beach will take about 5+ minutes. Just follow the path and you should reach it eventually!

It's an offleash park so your pet will have freedom and the scenery is quite lovely. In contrast to my previous article on Brighton Dog Beach, the water at Altona is quite clear. There's not as much seaweed and other things washing up on the shore, and the beach is lot larger for your dogs to run around.

To get to the spacious, sandy area above, you will need to walk through a lot of puddles and mud from the coast, so either make sure you wear good boots or shoes you can easily slip off so you can wade through!

It's such an open area, that it looks like a dog's dream come true, especially when they all see each other. They seem to become friends straight away, wrestling in the sand and fighting over who gets the ball. It's a prime opportunity for your dog to socialise and also get used to the water. 

My friend's dog was quite scared for the first time at Brighton. As this was his second time, it really encouraged him when all the other dogs ran into the water to fetch the ball. He would run in with them with no second thoughts.

It's quite shallow so it's ideal for them to run through and still a good depth for them to fetch anything!

No matter whether it's a gloomy or sunny day, I think this beach is great play area for dogs. It's spacious, clean and serene. It's fun for dogs to meet new playmates and amazing how they all just get along and play immediately.

Meanwhile, the accompanying humans are free to observe their playful ways whilst also admiring the views and taking in the refreshing sea breeze.

Where: P.A. Burns Reserve, Altona
Map: Dog area highlighted in green here.

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