Sugar Hit Melbourne

September 02, 2016


How does a pop up festival run by the people that brought you LuxBite, Mork Chocolate and N2 Extreme Gelato sound? There's live music to boot, and in keeping with Melbournian 'tradition', it's all happening at a hidden laneway cafe. 

Sugar Hit Melbourne was set to occur over once a month, across the months of April, May and June. Each themed night brings together a concentration of some creative minds, concocting edible delights for your hedonistic enjoyment. April's Bangkok Nightlife saw dishes such as Calamansi lime curd tarts and bags of vodka Thai milk tea, while Bollywood Dance Moves in May saw chai injected Mork chocolate and saffron honey gelato.

Previous months also featured dance and music performances, as guests pored over wares like fragrant candles, or acquired beautiful henna patterns.

The third and final instalment is set to go off this Friday June 6th and the teaser pictures look promising. While it is free entry, the queue is bound to trail right down the alleyway. If you can't stand the waiting game, get yourself a fast pass and skip the line for $10, available on the website. With a theme titled K-Pop Explosion, Sugar Hit Melbourne are really going out with a big bang.

Where: Krimper @ 20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne
When: Friday 6th June, 6.30 - 11 PM
Price: Free entry. Desserts and beverages range from $5-10 each

**All photographs were taken from the Sugar Hit Melbourne website and/or Facebook.

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