Docklands Fireworks Boat Cruises

May 21, 2014


Most people are probably aware that during July and August, the city of Melbourne holds fireworks every Friday at Docklands. To contrast the gloomy weather and draw you and your family out of your home, it's a great idea.

You can drop by Docklands and enjoy a great view, but even better you can take a boat cruise and make it more of an exciting occasion. 

Boat cruises are offered by Pleasure Boat Cruises priced at $35, which covers the hour long trip along with some finger food. There's also a bar where you can buy drinks. It's not all about the fireworks as you can observe the scenic lit-up Melbourne skyline and attractions such as the Star as you drift past.

It tends to be a steady ride and in the winter's night you will get a good dose of fresh air. Make sure you wear something warm, after all, it is a winter night! I remember there were a few droplets as I stood outside on the deck for a good view. Of course it's not enough to stop the fireworks, but it's enough to get you a bit chilly and wet.

Undeniably, the fireworks are the highlight. As you watch from the boat sitting on the water, the fireworks add an extra dose of beauty to the city's night and scenery.


The boat cruise just provides that extra magic and makes you feel a bit more special than if you had chosen to stay and watch on land. If you're heading this year to see the winter fireworks, consider making that extra step to have a memorable experience - but don't be late, cruises board 6.15pm on the dot and return at approximately 7.30pm.

What: A boat cruise to see the fireworks at Docklands
Every Friday night 4 July-29 August

Where: Berth 14, Central Pier, Docklands, Melbourne CBD
$35, half price for children under 14, free for children under 5

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