Fort Nepean

May 18, 2014


Previously, I wrote about a nice trip and bike ride at Point Nepean National Park. This was more about the journey to the very tip of Mornington Peninsula, whereas now I will tell you about what else is waiting for you at the end!

Last time, we didn't have the same enthusiasm to explore the end as we were more excited to reach the end and admire the scenery, then ride back. This time, we took a shuttle bus from the visitor centre (Quarantine Station) all the way to the tip. Of course this was a lot quicker. It also stops at Gunners Cottage and Cheviot Hill, other stops in the national park along the way to Fort Nepean.

You pay for the the bus fee on the bus, not the information centre, as it is run by Ventura bus company. Prices are $10 for adults and $7.50 for child/concession.

This trip is quite quick, about 15 minutes or so. It's definitely suitable if you have older or younger family members who aren't up for the bike ride or walk to the very end.

Fort Nepean will provide you with plenty to explore, with a historical background. You can see remnants of large "disappearing guns", machinery that would appear above the ground to attack and then be lowered into the ground after.

There are plenty of run-down buildings and underground tunnels to explore with historical information and artwork to keep you informed.

Walking through the tunnels will feed your adventurous appetite, whilst also providing an eerie feeling as you roam the same tunnels that soldiers did many years ago. It can be a bit dark around some corners and also have a few puddles here or there after rain, so wear comfy walking shoes and watch where you step!

Your explorations may even lead you to an old-fashioned phone and a lookout emphasising Queenscliff and Melbourne city in the distance.

Furthermore, you will always have a great view of the Victorian coast, the beautiful coastline of Point Nepean itself and the formations in the distance. The day we visited was apparently very rare, as usually the waves are quite active and crashing against the coast. However, when we visited it was an unusually calm day, with the ocean looking so beautiful and passive.

If you're not up for the walk or bike ride, or if you're interested in exploring some historical buildings, take the shuttle bus up to Fort Nepean to make sure you explore it to its full extent. It simultaneously emanates a rustic yet eerie atmosphere, but you'll love the experience and receive some bonus coastal scenery too.

Find all the extra details below:

Point Nepean National Park
Address: End of Point Nepean Road, Portsea
Hours: Open everyday. Cars can enter park between 8am-5pm. Information centre is open everyday (except Christmas day) from 10am – 5pm.
Shuttle bus times: Link here
Price: Adults $10, Concession $7.50
Visitor Guide PDF

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