Ice Hockey - Canada vs USA

May 04, 2014


Traditionally a big sport in America, ice hockey is coming on tour to Australia, full of excitement and hype.

And why not? After all, they're bringing the best teams with the biggest rivalry, USA and Canada, to showcase one of the most popular sports and provide the full experience. There will even be American commentators, jumbo screens, sound and lighting effects, entertainment and more.

Image courtesy of International Ice Hockey Australia

Australia is not used to a true winter, full of snow and ice, but this July the thrills of ice hockey will at least be here to make us feel like it is!

Feel the thrill and exhiliration of sitting in the prime seats where players will smash against the glass, or sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of the crowd. They state in the trailer that the game is full of intensity, which they expect Australians will be able to take. Just look at the scratches and aftermath of intensity on the glass below!

This is also the perfect opportunity for people who are not familiar with the sport to get a taste without having to travel overseas.

Furthermore, the tour/series is actually to help raise awareness of brain injury by supporting the non-for-profit Stop Concussions

Check out the trailer below if you still need to convincing to buy tickets to this rare sport event!


When: Fri 25 Jul 2014 6:30pm
Where: Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (checkout ticket link for other states)
Cost: $89-$199


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