The Rocky Horror Show Returns to Melbourne

April 27, 2014


Melburnian's get to do the Time Warp once again, as the magnificent Rocky Horror Show has returned to Victoria's capital city after a 15 year break.  The world's most successful rock n' roll musical commenced its 2014 Australian tour in January, captivating crowds in Brisbane, followed by Perth, Adelaide and now Melbourne, in an unforgettable show comparable to no other.

Cast of The Rocky Horror Show with Richard O'Brien image c/o Shane O'Connor

Whether you are new to the world of Rocky Horror, or a returning fan of Richard O'Brien's cult classic stage play, the current Melbourne production will not disappoint.  Craig McLachlan is back and better then ever as the lead role Dr. Frank N. Furter.   McLachlan lures and amuses eager audiences with his staged transsexual swagger in Dr. Frank N. Furter's signature outfit of high-heels, fish-net stockings and corset - a far cry from one of his first roles as TV character Henry Ramsey, in Channel 10's Neighbours during the 1980's.

Craig McLachlan and Richard O'Brien image c/o Shane O'Connor

The story begins with newly engaged sweethearts Brad and Janet, halted from their road trip after finding themselves with a flat tyre on a rainy night.  Miles from anywhere, Brad and Janet call into a remote Dracula-esque looking castle in the hope of finding a telephone.  Little do they know this will be the start of a bizarre sensual journey after meeting Dr. Frank N. Furter, a self-proclaimed transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania, and his strange servant companions.  The couple are seduced into Furter's unusual lair, and are soon introduced to his 'human' creation, Rocky, brought to life by a machine in front of their eyes.  The mysterious journey continues, in a peculiar on-stage adventure filled with sci-fi, rock n' roll, and comical horror. 

In a two hour play that has not aged in four decades, The Rocky Horror Show is not only famed for its weird and wonderful story, but also for audience participation.  It is no secret to know that fans have been dressing up in Rocky Horror character, shouting back lines and singing along to the show for thirty years.   If Rocky Horror classics including "Sweet Transvestite" and the infamous "Time Warp" accompanied by its world recognised dance routine do not get you up on your feet, you'll certainly be toe-tapping with enjoyment as your fellow audience members do.

The Rocky Horror show will continue until July 2014.  Book here for your tickets and get prepared to experience one of the boldest shows you will see, leaving you puzzled yet "shivering in anticipa-tion" for more.

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