5 Top Salvos Stores in Melbourne

April 24, 2014


Did you know that the first Salvation Army recycling depots were opened in Australia in 1880, in what used to be a labour intensive sorting and bailing facility. The Salvation Army soon introduced "jumble sales" to their charitable work, enabling underprivileged people to clothe themselves and their family with other items discarded by wealthier members of the community, household items were introduced later.

Salvos Stores have come a long way in competing within the retail market considering The Salvation Army's humble beginnings.  In recent times, Salvos Stores across Melbourne act as a great substitute to other more expensive retailers, and are no longer reserved for the 'poor'.  Environmentally conscious shoppers that prefer to buy recycled over new are frequent shoppers in Salvos Stores, just as much as those that like to find a bargain and others that prefer vintage wares.


Experienced op shoppers and market go-ers often express their concern that pricing is a little higher than others, however, that is not to say great products can be found at reasonable prices in Salvos Stores across Melbourne.




Here are 5 of my personal favourite Salvos Stores that can be found in Melbourne (in no particular order)

5 Top Salvos Stores in Melbourne

1. Salvos Abbotsford

Address: 81 Victoria Crescent, Abbotsford VIC 3067

This inner city store is a haven for second hand furniture, with a huge selection on offer.  Pieces include wardrobes, dining sets, drawers, sideboards, chairs, couches and more.  If you're lucky, you must just score yourself a genuine vintage piece for a great price.

2. Salvos Hampton

Address: 562 Hampton Street, Hampton VIC 3188

This is a store found in one of the 'well-heeled' suburbs in Melbourne's South East and as such, designer labels are a-plenty.  Salvos in Hampton is a large store, with furniture at the back, a decent collection of books and a wall filled with artwork.  Hampton Salvos certainly has one of the largest collections of recycled clothes you'll find in the area.

3. Salvos Frankston

Address: 17 Thompson St, Frankston VIC 3199

Thrifty shoppers were left saddened when Frankston's huge Savers store closed its doors last year, a mecca of recycled goods found in Melbourne's southern suburb, situated at the tip the Mornington Peninsula.  Op shoppers shouldn't be too disappointed though, as there are still a total of 7 op shops to be found in Frankston, one of which of course is Salvos.  Situated just around the corner from the previous Savers store, Salvos in Frankston has recently converted its second floor, making it a multi-level recycled shopping venue, with furniture and clothing found downstairs, art and paintings displayed on the wall of the walk way ramp up to the second floor, bric-a-brac, homewares, books, childrenswear and more furniture found upstairs.

4. Salvos Mordialloc

Address: 489 Main St, Mordialloc VIC 3195

Salvos in Mordialloc isn't as large as some of the other stores mentioned above, yet there is a good selection of fashion and accessories, childrenswear and goods, as well as a collection of bric-a-brac and homewares.  If I'm honest though, the main reason this store is one of my personal favourites is because the staff here are wonderful.  The Manager at Salvos in Mordialloc is one of the few that actually stops for a chat and seems to genuinely love his job, which can also be said for the cheerful and friendly volunteers that work in the store too.

5. Salvos St Kilda

Address: 116 Carlisle Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

The trendy suburb of St Kilda is filled with boutique shops as well as a small number of vintage stores.  If you are looking for something in-between, then head to Salvos on Carlisle Street.  Perhaps one of the more 'upmarket' op shops, with high quality fashion and designer accessories, as well as a small selection of great furniture.  Well worth a visit and in a great location too.


These are my 5 top Salvos Stores in Melbourne, but you might suggest your own personal favourite?  Next time you pass one of the many Salvos Stores found in Melbourne, do pop in, you never know what bargains you will miss out on if you don't!

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