Unleash Creative

March 31, 2014


Unleash Creative, a series of innovative craft events held in capital cities around Australia, commenced its colourful journey in Collingwood, Melbourne last weekend.

Described as a ‘travelling creative event’  Unleash Creative invites four creative mentors, experts in their artistic field, to teach their specialised craft to groups of eager folk wishing to learn a new craft skill and take home an arty creation.

Events are held between 9am and 5pm and take place in beautifully decorated warehouse studio spaces.  It is an inspiration in itself being surrounded by an explosion of craft decor from colourful pom-poms, paper feather mobiles, funky hanging fabrics (great backdrops for instagrammers!) and more.The day begins with the distribution of coloured name badges, each colour representing the allocated craft activity that participants are given over the course of the day.  Everyone gets to try their hand at each craft, with an capped time of 1.5hr per craft class.

Unleash Creative is fully catered, with decadent treats provided at morning and afternoon tea, a selection of delicious vegetarian lunch boxes as well as beverages; tea, coffee and fresh juices to quench crafter's thirsts.

Some might consider Unleash Creative to be an all day craft workshop, but it is much more than that.  Imagine a day filled with colour, new creative friendships with like-minded folk, new artistic skills, take-home crafts and a whole heap of craft inspiration, not to mention a belly filled with delectable yummies.  

Whether you consider yourself a craft expert or beginner, all classes are taught from scratch to be sure that every participant leaves the day having learnt a new skill with the added bonus of going home with four take-home crafts to 'show-and-tell' your loved ones at home.

There are plans for more Unleash Creative events in Melbourne toward the end of this year or possibly next, but in the meantime, there are two events planned for Sydney (Sun 4 May) and Brisbane (Sat 24 May).   To find out more, go to Unleash Creative's website and follow on Facebook.

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