The Guilty Moose

September 02, 2016


The Guilty Moose is a great cafe located in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Segmented into 3 rooms, it features a semi-exposed brick interior, instilling a warm, homely atmosphere. A painted branch points you in the direction of the back courtyard which must be perfect during the warmer weather. Glass cabinets to the left of the entrance display a range of sweets to tickle your fancy before you even make up your mind on what your savoury will be.

Can you spot the guilty moose? It has a good poker face!

Padre's signature Daddy's Girl blend is served here. Alternate brews aren't served here but they've got an extensive list of other drink options like Prana Chai, freshly squeezed juices and milkshakes. I'm keen on trying their summer slushies myself, the strawberry, lime, watermelon, apple juice and crushed ice version certainly sounds like a great refresher.

Lamb brik – slow cooked lamb shoulder with freekeh tabbouleh, carrot & cumin puree 

The structural and aesthetic components of this Tunisian based dish are well thought out. The lamb comes enveloped in a delicate brik sheet. The tabbouleh is very fresh and well balanced, rounded with some smoky, toasted hazelnuts. The puree ties these elements smoothly with the lamb, working its magic with its spiciness while each bite retains the crispiness of the pastry.

Moby dick – kedgeree w house smoked fish, smoked egg, fried onions and lemon labne

Yet another delicious plate. For more information about what's on the menu, check out the website.

Punky Brewster - french toast + nutella & jelly, coco nib crumble, caramelized banana, vanilla ice cream

Despite being full from our respective dishes, we found the prospect of breakfast brunch irresistible. The french toast was fluffy and the nutella gently oozed across my tastebuds, nuanced with the slightest bit of raspberry jam. The bruleed banana was slightly overdone. Overall, however, another well executed dish.

To reach the cafe, take the No. 1 tram towards South Melbourne Beach (from Swanston street) and get off at the second last stop.The Guilty Moose is just a few metres away. And if you have time, pop down to South Melbourne beach for a post-feed stroll, it's the perfect way to round off another good brunching session. 

The Guilty Moose
143 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Opening Hours

Mon - Sat      7 am - 4 pm
Sunday         8 am - 4 pm





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