Chill Bro Paletas

September 02, 2016


ChillBro Paletas is part of the new slew of eateries that have opened in Melbourne Central. While Saigon Square, Uncle Jung's and ChillBro all share the same dining area, ChillBro is the only one to focus purely on desserts. But what are 'paletas' you ask? Paletas are Mexican ice creams served on a stick. 'Palo' is the Spanish word for 'stick' while 'eta' describes the flat frozen item so technically, the potential for items to freeze and turn into a paleta are endless!

Photo sourced from ChillBro Paletas Facebook

Fortunately the team behind ChillBro have been responsible in their flavour range, with offerings such as tropical mango & cucumber, cherry cheesecake and chia lemonade! Flavours are frequently rotated, most costing $5 while premium flavours are an extra dollar. Here's the extra fun part: add toppings for $1.5, and don't just choose one because toppings. are. Unlimited. 

Bam. That's how a day is made.

Photo sourced from ChillBro Paletas Facebook

The toppings corner. All are excellent choices for pimping your paleta.

My first paleta was a yoghurt & berries base dipped in dark chocolate then topped with wafer and oreo crumbs and crushed peanuts. What joy there is to be found in customising your ideal flavour and watching it being made in front of you! It was nice and tangy and my choice of toppings only added to the fun with added crunch. 

The next time I tried the salted caramel & popcorn base, with the exact same toppings because they're a killer combo. If the seats downstairs are occupied, don't fret. There's a shared seating space upstairs, it's warm and you get to avoid the chilly winds too. 

If you're after a quick ice cream fix definitely head to ChillBro rather than heading to a 7-11 for a quick ice cream fix. Not only is the service fun and friendly, you get to customise your own dessert and having the toppings on the outside makes all the textural difference. Pop in for a paleta today!

ChillBro Paletas
Menzies Alley @ Melbourne Central
316 - 360 Elizabeth Street, CBD





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