September 02, 2016


Dreary, cloudy days can dampen spirits so easily. Sometimes the best cure comes in the form of quality company over quality burgers. While I can't guarantee the chances of making a new friend while you're both in line, I can suggest trying the great burgers at Thaiger. Located towards the Little Collins edge of Causeway lane, their burgers are immensely popular with the 9-to-5 crowd who file in and out with their takeaway bags, all branded with the geometric tiger motif. 

With extremely limited seating available, you're lucky to grab a seat even during off-peak hours. Otherwise, why not take a seat over at the steps of H&M? It's a popular spot for buskers playing chilled music, and you can cast your mind to a more relaxed state for a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

Pou-Nim Black Burger- Crispy softshell crab, granny smith Asian slaw, sweet and tangy dressing

All their burgers are priced between $7 - $10, making them excellent value. Feeling extra ravenous? Add $5 for a side of small fries and a soft drink. You can also add different sauces to your burger for an extra 50 cents (I'd definitely recommend the sriracha mayo!)

Each time I've eaten here I've had the crispy softshell crab burger. The charcoal bun is forever pillowy soft while the crab and apple slices provide that intensely gratifying crunch, their flavours bound beautifully together by the complementary dressing. The packaging reduces the amount of mess and ensures your clothes stay stain-free.

Pork Belly Get Into My Belly - Twice cooked crispy pork belly, lettuce, coriander, a choice of hoisin sauce or spicy tangy Thaiger chilli dressing

Another winning filling combination. Can't decide between the two dressings? Try both and enjoy the party of flavours as they meld with the crispy crackling and pork, cut by fresh cucumber slices so each bite doesn't overwhelm you. The only item I wouldn't recommend is the Thai Iced Milk Tea, as both times I ordered it the tea hadn't been strong enough to contrast its sweetness.

For a small shop that serves much more than it can seat each day, Thaiger's food and service have remained consistently good each time I've visited. The next time you're feeling peckish, why not give these delectable burgers a go?

8 Causeway Lane, Melbourne
(Between Bourke st and Lt. Collins st)

Opening hours
Daily 11 am - 4 pm



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