Australian Rainbow Trout Farm

September 02, 2016


If you've visited all the places to be in the Dandenong Ranges (1000 Steps, Sky High, National Rhodendron Gardens to name a few), then here's something a little different.

In the town of Macclesfield, you'll find the Australian Rainbow Trout Farm.

What's a trout farm, you ask? Well, there are quite a few in Victoria, but the idea is that the fish are farmed and then put in ponds for visitors to catch.

If you're no good at fishing in the open ocean, or you have never fished before, places like this can make fishing seem a bit more enjoyable. You pick up a rod and a bucket, they give you some bait, and off you go!

Compared to other farms, this place seems quite big. There are several ponds to try and of course we wanted to test our selves by going to the biggest, hardest pond first. 

Needless to say, none of us caught a fish out of about ten of us. The big pond can be seen in the pictures above.

After some time of munching on snacks and waiting for fish to bite from the big pond, we called it quits. It was time to accept defeat and move on to the smaller ponds (above and below). We had arrived at the first pond for no longer than 5-10 minutes and then about three of us caught a fish!

Another pond was dedicated to salmon (above) and this took a little longer, but it was easier than the big pond. The fish are pretty heavy (well for me) when you catch them, and usually a staff member will come over and put it in a net for you to transfer to your bucket.

After you catch your fish, you bring your bucket to the staff office, where you pay and they will clean and package the fish for you. Unfortunately, as it was a busy public holiday, they seemed understaffed and quite rude. You have various options for cleaning, including getting the fish filleted.

There are also BBQ facilities, so we had brought a lot of food in case we didn't catch any fish. We should probably have stopped catching fish at a point, but each person seemed to be determined to catch one! We cooked the fish and some sausages on the BBQ and had a feast!

It was a good, fun day with good people and I saw a lot of families there too. I'd recommend it as the place is quite large but hopefully the service is better on quieter days.

Photos taken by my colleague @the.adventouriist

Where: Australian Rainbow Trout Farm, 26 Mulhalls Rd, Macclesfield VIC 3782
When: Everyday except Christmas Day, 10am-5pm
Adults $7.00, Children 4 - 14 $5.50, Children 3 + under - Free, Pensioners $6
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