Porcelain Tea Parlour

July 08, 2015


Much of life's battles occur in our thoughts, in public spaces. Often we're overwhelmed by the stream of problems with no obvious solutions, become stressed and frustrated. In these times, I would point you in the direction of newly opened specialty tea parlour, Porcelain.

If the name rings a bell, perhaps you've seen it on crowdfunding site Pozible.com, or visited Craft Victoria. Now we can rejoice for the rustic haven we've all dreamed of before has finally found a permanent home. Fragrant specialty teas are served in matching tea pots and dainty tea cups. Ornate cutlery are presented on patterned plates and you can certainly be forgiven for studying the vast collection of decorated cups lining the shelves. These intricate details aside, I suggest the remarkable store as a haven to relax and refuel for many other reasons. 

Being open from afternoon until the late evening means we finally have a better alternative to the lounges of chain coffee stores. Wide arm chairs invite you to take a seat and stretch out, encouraging your mind to unwind. Whether you seek a serene setting for profound ruminations or chilled chatter with company, Porcelain offers a suitable atmosphere.

The menu offers both caffeinated and herbal teas. If you need help in deciding, the lady is very happy to chat about the different blends. Afterwards, enjoy your carefully brewed tea over a good book or board games. There's also a letter writing option that includes tea, a writing set and even the stamp so you can post it.

Buffalo cheese and rosemary crackers & chai tea

What's tea time without a few nibbles on the side? Porcelain offers a selection of cheeses and desserts, including macarons. Being moderately allergic to alcohol, I'm delighted that there exists a late-night drinking alternative to bars and pubs. Check out Porcelain's social media pages for more information about their teas and activities!

Porcelain Tea Parlour
149 Elgin Street, Carlton

Opening Hours
Daily 2 pm - late





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