The Vertue of the Coffee

April 27, 2015


The Vertue of the Coffee Drink is located in an easily overlooked alleyway next to the petrol station. The addition of a coffee sign to point you in the right direction has certainly aided newcomers in seeking out the perhaps unintentionally elusive cafe - personally I find the initial hunt to be rather exhilarating. Adventure is my type of entree.

The interior is very welcoming. Spanning two floors, a glass ceiling allows the entrance of copious amounts of natural light; perfect for the trend of vibrant flat lays. 

Each table is adorned with small plants and together with the lighting, really injects a burst of positive energy into your day.

The first two times I visited I was craving a Butterbing cookie, and if you haven't heard or had them before you must get onto it. I especially love the salted caramel, a wonderfully balanced creamy dollop wedged between two pieces of decadent, chewy chocolate cookies. The passionfruit and coconut cake was similarly delightful - crisp coconut flakes toasted just enough to enhance its distinct aroma, accompanied by the delicate fluffiniess of passionfruit cake. Normally I don't mark favourites until I've had brunch, but with superb experiences each time, it's difficult to stop myself from falling so quickly haha.

Third time's the charm however, and this time I popped in for a catch up brunch with a good friend. I had the eight hour lamb shoulder with tabbouleh, dukkah and broccolini. While the tabbouleh was a little too tart for my liking, I still enjoyed the tender lamb and dukkah spices.

I don't usually selfie, but when I do it's more of a mirror/room appreciation post. I think the only thing that could possibly make their bathroom cooler is if they introduced Dyson airblades, and hey, that comes in white too. Respect for using 'Thankyou water' products!

As a Melbourne University student we are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to quality caffeination. If anything, we're afflicted with choice paralysis when choosing where to get our next hit from, but there will always be contenders who manage to stand out that little much more.

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink

8 Raffa Place, Carlton

Phone: 8060 6987




Opening Hours: 

Mon-Fri: 7am - 4pm

Sat-Sun: 7.30am - 4pm

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