Point Nepean National Park

September 02, 2016


At the bottom of Mornington Peninsula lies a beautiful national park that, surprisingly, not many people know about.

Point Nepean National Park is home to some magnificent views, with everything from the sandy beaches, to the rocky coasts and hilly landscapes. It's a large park, excellent for a hike or bike ride. Bike hire is $27.70 for the day and it's completely worth the ride and scenery.

Looking out over the beach

The beauty of the bike riding is that you can go at your own pace and stop to admire whatever spot you would like to. It's got to be the most relaxing place, with few cars sharing the path. It's also a bit of a challenge at some points for people who don't ride too often, as some parts slope greatly up/down hill.

I found it a better option that paying to ride with a bike tour around Mornington Peninsula, when in this situation there is no need to keep up with anyone and follow a whole group of other people. Instead, you can explore a meditative park and not worry about all the noise and dangers of traffic.

Stopping by the luscious greenery

The most amazing part is when you get to the final views at the end. At this point you can't ride your bike any further, but the park provides you with locks to secure your bicycles as you walk to the final destination. Before you reach the amazing views, you can explore some areas such as the military remains and tunnels of Fort Nepean.

When it comes to the view of the tip of Point Nepean, I thought pictures may have been an exaggeration of this view, but boy was I wrong. The ability to see across the ocean to other parts of the coast is fantastic. The breathtasking formations of the land are really something to behold, and make a great and rewarding end to the bike ride.

Amazing views

As it was a foggy and chilly day, this also proves that the park still maintains its beauty in its misty fever. I think this is a great place to visit and not miss out on, especially if you live in Victoria and want to explore the calm and beautfiul nature of the greenery, hilly landscapes, beaches and coastal formations.

The iconic view

Point Nepean National Park
Open everyday
End of Point Nepean Road, Portsea
Cars can enter park between 8am-5pm

Point Nepean Information Centre
Open everyday (except Christmas day) from
10am – 5pm

More information can be found in the links below:
Parks Victoria - Point Nepean National Park
Point Nepean Visitor Guide PDF


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