March 30, 2015


Lisa Valmorbida is the creative mind and maker behind popular gelateria, Pidapipo. Her journey in developing her gelato making skills has taken her from restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne, to training at the Carpigiano Gelato University in Italy. Following her formal training, Lisa travelled to her family's hometown Vicenza where she refined her abilities, before returning to Melbourne where she has opened the remarkable store.

Pidapipo first landed in Melbourne in late 2013. The test store met with resounding success before closing at the end of its lease. Now back and better than ever, the permanent store is a proud addition to Lygon street.

The interior is quite small, with less than 10 indoor seats. On entry you are greated by the table fitted with traditional pozzetti containers. While it doesn't offer a sneak peek at the delectable flavours, the display keeps the gelato well tempered for optimal flavour and freshness. Waffles cones sit snug in playful, pastel pink trees and flank the display.

The rotating flavours are displayed on a chalkboard and the prices are very reasonable- one scoop for $4, two for $6 or three for $7 in a cup.

What I liked about the layout was how transparent it made them seem. The packaging and ingredients are stacked up high on wooden ledges and you get a sense of the dedication behind the product. Fresh fruits like peaches and mangoes are going into the mix and there's no artificiality. It truly shines through in the final taste too.


At the end of a stressful Friday, my Salted Caramel & Peanut Butter gelato was well worth waiting for. The texture was incredible creamy and smooth - no sneaky ice crystals or oversized salt chunks, just the sincerity of their respective flavours. My favourite flavour ended up being the pistachio that my friends had though - it was a concentrated hit of the wonderful nut, not a dissatisfying dilute I'm fearful of at other places. Definitely recommended the next time you're in the area, you'll love Pidapipo!

Pidapipo Gelateria

299 Lygon Street, Carlton




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I was in Lygon just last week and I saw a few people gathering around but with so many gelati shops I didn't know where to go! I ended up going to Brunetti's and was quite impressed with their renovated venue, but next time I'm definitely going to give this place a visit. Thanks for the suggestion Vi! Jenny

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