Queen Victoria Night Market

February 22, 2015


Knowing Melbourne, there's still some summer weather left to come!

It's a perfect opportunity to explore the continuously expanding Wednesday Night Market at Queen Victoria Market. It's on every Wednesday from 5-10pm until March 25th and it gives you the chance to sample a great deal of food from a range of cultures.

I hadn't visited for a few years as the crowds really put me off last time, but I had a more pleasant experience this time around.

My friend and I arrived early, around 5.30-6pm so parking wasn't too difficult as well as the crowds.

As we waited for other friends, we thought we'd grab a small bite before it got busier. My friend couldn't resist the ever popular soft shell crab burger from Hammer and Tong, one of the best going around with an excellent sauce. I've tried it several times before, so thought it was time for something different.

I've been dying to try Overdosa ever since I had a bit of a vegetarian month, but have never felt in the mood for Indian food until this night. I decided to get the Bombay Burger, as it looked small enough as a snack and seemed popular.

It was basically a vegetarian potato pattie, but it was really the sauce and chilli that brought the burger to life. In fact it was a little too chilli for my weak standards, so I would have enjoyed it a little more with a drink on the side! Nevertheless the burger was exciting and different to any burger I've tried before.

Next up, I wanted to try 400 Gradi, as I had heard many rave of its status as the "best pizza in Melbourne". It's a little hard to believe because how amazing can pizza be? But I thought this was probably my best chance to try it, as I don't try too many Italian restaurants.

We got the salami pizza, which was decent but nothing special. The small shape of the pizza even meant presentation wise, it looked rushed and like little care had gone into the process.

Whilst all my friends had sangria, I had to drive and decided to try these homemade iced teas. Their flavours sounded much more interesting than the homemade lemonade stands.

The flavours all sounded like great combinations, and after much deliberation I opted for the strawberry and rosemary. I didn't regret it as the strawberry flavour was strong and mixed well with the dash of rosemary. It was also perfect for the extremely hot and crowded night!

For dessert, there were crepes, churros and plenty of ice-cream on offer. My friend tried a salted caramel ice-cream that wasn't overly salty and so good, she wanted to go back for more. Meanwhile, I wanted to try something a little different and decided to give these Greek donuts/loukoumades a go from Taki's Balls.

We also went with the salted caramel flavour, which was rich and delicious. It's definitely a good idea to share if you're getting close to full and can't eat a load of sweets by this time of the night.

Now a few things that deterred me from previous visits was the lack of places to sit, and the long lines and crowds at pretty much every stall. But now there are more stalls than ever before. It definitely gets hard to walk through the crowds and find friends from about 7pm but not entirely impossible now.

Because there are more stalls, the wait isn't too bad at most places. Everything is constantly being cooked so most food is ready to go and served within a few minutes. We also found somewhere to sit along a bench even during the peak period. It's a great opportunity to try small businesses and large, and if you're craving any cuisine - you're likely to find it here!

When: Everyday Wednesday 5-10pm until March 25th
Where: Queen Victoria Market, corner Elizabeth and Victoria St, Melbourne CBD
Website: http://www.qvm.com.au/night-market/


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Thanks for the tip Monique! I'm heading out there early to avoid the big crowd ;)

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