March 17, 2014


Melbourne's CBD is kept well caffeinated by the myriad of establishments serving up quality coffee. While generally true given weekdays, this concentration becomes heavily diluted on weekends, especially towards the Flagstaff end. Cue Operator25, a true hero that ensures the crowds, even on a Sunday, gets their coffee hit and perhaps a side of brunch.

Located in a heritage listed building, the interior is a harmonious artwork of the old and new as brick walls are set amongst a largely monochromatic colour scheme. A painted blimp adorns the west wall, featuring a group handle as the passenger cart and the words 'It brew my mind' smoking from a cup of coffee. Wooden furniture adds to the rustic, yet contemporary feel.

The menu caters for vegetarian and gluten-free diets. Families will be delighted to know children are also catered for. You can select from classics like Eggs Benedict and Corn Fritters, but from 11.30am onwards the fare roams into more creative realms with current options involving rare tuna and quail eggs. Code Black Coffee is served here with Filter and Cold Drip options available too.

Operator25 is located on 25 Wills Street and is open 7 days a week.

Mon-Fri:  7am - 4pm
Sat-Sun: 9am - 4 pm

Whether you're a casual bruncher or one well-versed with Melbourne's many cafes, Operator25 is sure to be taking your orders time and time again.

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