Queen Elizabeth makes Little Lonsdale talk of the town!- Part II

December 16, 2014


The food scene on the section of Little Lonsdale Street between Queen and Elizabeth Streets, and its adjoining laneways is thriving with an injection of some of Melbourne’s best dining hotspots. Here are some more highlights for you to experience:

Brothl - 123 Hardware Street

Yes...you pronounced it correctly! Joost Bakker, the genius behind Greenhouse Perth, is at it again. This time has transformed his previous cafe Silo into Brothl, a one-stop shop for high-end Broth without the exorbitant price tag. True to his no-waste sustainability principles, Joost creates soups from stock from otherwise discarded bones from restaurants such as Rockpool, Attica and European. The stocks are slow-cooked to perfection and come in beef, chicken and seafood varieties.

1000 £ Bend - 361 Little Lonsdale Street

1000 £ Bend houses one of Melbourne’s more unique spaces. From the Café at its entrance, to an open warehouse that transforms itself from a gallery and events space, one day, to a Katy Perry Gift shop the next! This venue is great for a casual drink with friends after hours or a private event that requires a point of difference.

Donuts shortstop coffee

Shortstop Coffee and Donuts - 12 Sutherland Street

It has only been open a short amount of time and it is already staking its claim as producing the best donuts in Melbourne. After a successful stint at Market Lane, Anthony Ivey, together with partner Sinye Ooi have injected a wealth of industry experience and creativity into Shortstop. They even voyaged on an extensive donut research expedition to the USA and Canada to expand their knowledge. Its not all about the donuts here either, as the name suggests, they are very serious about their coffee too!

Tip: You can skip the queue and ensure you get the precise donut that you want by pre-ordering online.


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