Haunted Bookshop Tour

September 01, 2016


Lately I've been surprised to find out about the many walking tours that Melbourne offers. Even more interesting was the idea of a ghost walking tour.

I've experienced other ghost tours but they are usually based in one spot, thus I was interested to experience the Melbourne CBD with a different view and background.

As we entered the laneway of our meeting spot at the Haunted Bookshop, we saw quite a large amount of people mulling around.

We explored the bookshop whilst we waited; it was small but jam packed with books and other items such as jewellery, mirrors and more.

Drew looked just the part as our tour guide, all dressed in a flowing black outfit and armed with a megaphone.

The tour was very informative as well as providing a good chance to walk a good distance whilst getting to know Melbourne in an eerie way.

Due to the age of some buildings the stories seemed to involve a lot of financial and law institutions. One building was subject to a massacre and unsurprisingly has no level 13 - this led me to notice that some other buildings I attend in everyday life are also superstitiously missing this level.

There was a law firm nearby who feel a little eerie in their own boardroom and a nightclub further on, with many ghost sightings from the owner and bouncers.

Even a popular bar had stories of waitresses quitting because of ghost sightings - apparently not even a human ghost! Now I'm not sure if I will visit that one... There was also a significant relationship between some of the old buildings and their numbers - their street numbers or address numbers often added up to equal an unlucky number.

What was most surprising is that two iconic spots in the city, which I used to visit often, are both cemeteries - they have many bodies buried underground with so many people walking over them with no clue. I'd love to reveal them, but it's up to you join the tour and find out!

The tour was full of all types of people from those just wanting something to do on a Saturday night, to skeptical partners and those who are truly interested in the paranormal.

Drew has been running the tour for nearly 18 years and is a great story teller. Whether you believe these stories or not is up to you, but it was fascinating to learn about a different side of Melbourne's CBD buildings, and now I won't be able to look at some the same way again.

If you're interested in what buildings have a paranormal connection, and you don't mind walking, make sure you give this tour a go! Photos courtesy of @the.adventouriist.

Where: Haunted Bookshop (15 McKillop St) - ends at Queen Victoria Market
When: 8.30pm Saturdays
Cost: $18 Concession, $20 Adult
Phone: 03 9670 2585
Book here: http://www.haunted.com.au/assets/mail/form.php

Mon's Adventures was invited as a guest to the Haunted Bookshop tour.

The Mitre Tavern - our first stop

Many financial instutitions were linked to ghosts

We were led to some unexpected buildings

We walked through many dark laneways in the CBD

Why would a ghost reside in a nightclub?

We found out things like several popular places were full of bodies buried beneath

An end to the tour at Queen Victoria Market

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