Make a Halloween Bunting

September 02, 2016


Create a Halloween Bunting (approx. a 2 hour project)

Items you will need are: fabric scraps in different colours (orange, black and white for Halloween), bias binding (or black ribbon), scissors, pinking shears (apparently they're only $10 at IKEA which is cheap), cardboard from a cereal box, and pins.

Creating bunting is a great way to decorate your home to celebrate any occasion! Its also a great way to recycle old shirts.  I drew a triangle bunting template and traced it over the cardboard. Its up to you what size you want, but here are my dimensions: 10.5cm wide at the bottom, and 14cm height perpendicular to the width. I also have a small rectangle below the triangle, at 10.5cm by 1.5cm. This area is to attach to the bias binding tape. The length of the bias binding is up to you. I created my own bias binding (I'll tell you more about that in another article), but if you buy it, they usually come in a packet of 5m. Alternatively, you can use a ribbon to fold over the fabric. The length I'm using here is 3m.

Step 1: Gather the scraps you wish to use and trace the bunting out. I use white chalk on dark fabrics, and a black/blue pen on light fabrics to make the outline more visible for easier cutting.

Cardbaord bunting on fabric

Step 2: Cut out the shape of the bunting with the pinking shears, except the bottom of the triangle which is cut straight with scissors.

fabric being cut with pinking shears

Step 3: Cut out 7 black bunting for a 3m bunting. That way, the bunting starts and ends with a black bunting.

black fabric bunting

Step 4: Trace and cut out all the orange bunting. I cut out 6 orange bunting.

orange triangle bunting

Step 5: Trace and cut out all the white bunting too. I cut out 6 white bunting.

white bunting being cut out

Step 6: With all the bunting pieces cut out (19 in total), bring out the bias binding and start preparing it for attachment.

All the bunting is cut out

Step 7: Pin the bias binding. The end was pinned about 22 cm before I added my first black bunting.

Pinned bunting

Step 8: Push the 1st (black) bunting up inside the bias binding, and pin it in place.

Black bunting is attached to the bias binding

Step 9: After you have pinned at least one bunting, you can take it to your sewing machine and stich it in place (or hand sew).

Bunting stitched in place under sewing machine

Step 10: Leave a gap of approx. 5 cm between each bunting, and alternating the colours, black, orange, white, until the last one is black.

Bunting being created by sewing machine

Step 11: Take each end of the bias binding and create a loop of about 10 cm. Hand-stitch in place.

Creating a loop with the ends of the bunting

Step 12: You now have your Halloween bunting to add to any setting.

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I love it!

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I love it!

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Thanks Billy!

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