Brighton Dog Beach

March 08, 2014


Brighton is often known for its beach, not far from the city, but just out of the city enough to have a less crowded beach than St Kilda.

However, just before the popular Brighton Beach, is Sandown St Beach - a beach for dogs. Many beaches have restrictions as to what time you can bring your dog, but Sandown St beach is dedicated to dogs with no time restrictions for the whole year.

You can enter the fenced off section through a gate, so you don't have to worry about them running out - only about them jumping in the water and getting you wet as they shake it out all out!

The area is also an off-leash area, so let your little pup or long-time best friend run wild and make plenty of other canine buddies for the day. The section is quite spacious for dogs, and their human owners of course, so it's a great place to meet other dogs and dog lovers. If your dog is still young and needs to learn how to socialise with other dogs, it's also a good opportunity.

Don't forget to bring bags to pick up after any business your dog leaves and a towel to dry off your dog before he gets back into your car! You can find parking in the residential streets nearby and you can also take a walk along the path and pier, which are visible as you leave through the gate of the dog beach. There is also a tap on Sandown St to wash your feet/your dog and a bowl of water for all doggies to help recuperate after spending all their energy on playtime.

Simply GPS Sandown St in Brighton and make a date for your next adventure with your dog!

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