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September 12, 2014


Not too long ago, people used to file down Albert Road in large numbers, unless you were on the guest list of course. That was the nightclub scene. At present, people are filling the same section of street once again just to get on the list - the seating list at The Kettle Black.

Black Kettle Melbourne cafe

Kettle Black, South Melbourne


House-made coconut yoghurt

The Kettle Black is the latest pin-up eatery in town. It’s an all-star line up of owners who brought us Top Paddock, Two Birds One Stone and De Clieu. But the hits don’t stop there. Doughboys doughnuts and Burnham Beeches bread also feature on site.

Upon first arrival, the focus draws to the impressive exterior with a single standing white terrace set underneath a newly developed apartment building. The interior design by the team at Studio You Me beautifully contrasts wooden fittings with Italian tile, whilst preserving the classic elegance of the terrace room.

Black Kettle Melbourne things to do

King island crayfish, ash roll, coastal spinach, lime & yuzu mayo

There is a distinct focus on clean finishes at the brunch spot which is reflected from its furnishings right down to the plating of meals.  The “eye-candy” stand out dishes that took my fancy were the King Island crayfish in an ash roll, lime and yuzu mayo and adorned with native coastal spinach, as well as the vibrant house-made coconut yoghurt which takes healthy eating to a whole new attractive level.

Black Kettle Melbourne cafe

Cake station

If you do find yourself stuck out the front waiting for 20 minutes or so until a table becomes available, there is a coffee station waiting to cover your caffeine-deprived needs and why not pick up a Doughboys doughnut or other pre-brunch cheeky sweet treat at the cake station. 

Black Kettle Melbourne cafe

Front of house coffee cart


The Kettle Black
50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205


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