Ride on into Kawa-Sake!

September 02, 2014


Melbourne is such a diverse city that it’s almost impossible to take it all in! Many Melburnians don’t always take the opportunity to venture out into neighbouring suburbs for the occasional spontaneous feed.

On Saturday, I decided to try something different and headed over the Maribyrnong River and into Yarraville. For those of you who haven't spent a lazy Saturday afternoon strolling around exploring Yarraville Village, you really are missing out! Packed full of organic food stores, cute bookshops, local vendors and of course the classic Sun Theatre, it's well worth the trip.

On this occasion, I managed to make it past the food trucks at Yarraville Gardens (which is the usual haunt on this side of town) and onto the top of Anderson Street to find a last-minute no-fuss dinner solution. We didn’t even have to go 25 metres down the road to find an appropriate establishment to settle into. Situated next to the Cobb Lane Bakery (which produces some of the most talked-about doughnuts in Melbourne) is Kawa-Sake Japanese Restaurant. This cute little establishment instantly transported me to similar establishments frequented on a recent trip to Byron Bay.

Sashimi Plate

Kawa-Sake provides a bohemian edge to the usual city pace. The restaurant itself is fairly small, with a number of small tables in addition to the bar seating around the sushi train. I’m still undecided as to whether the star of the show was the sushi train, which is in fact a fleet of little sushi boats which constantly stream past diners with different allocations of sushi (you know how it works!) or the gorgeous Japanese mural adorning the far wall.

King Prawns

The food is simple, fresh and flavoursome. The staff were friendly, the portion sizes were fair and the pricing very reasonable.

Sushi Boats

It’s often challenging for diners to take their “food-critic” hat off when dining these days. The experience of dining itself has changed in this regard. So much time is spent taking photos of well-plated meals and absorbing every detail of the surrounds that when we venture into the suburbs, we tend to expect mountains out the humble molehill. Locals love this place and if you find yourself in the area looking for a care-free novel experience, give it a go and leave your hats at home! 

Kaw-Sake Mural


3 Anderson St, Yarraville

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