Nobu @ Crown Casino

August 06, 2014


The Appeal of Nobu is endless. Whether it be a restaurant for that celebratory dinner, a bar and lounge for an intimate drink with friends or a pit-stop for a bento lunch, this venue has it covered.

Part of a world-wide chain of high-end restaurants, Nobu claims to be the most recognisable Japanese restaurant in the world. Known by most for its part-ownership by actor Robert De Niro, it has opened shop in some of the most influential culinary cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, London and Milan.

Salmon Tataki with Jalapeno Karashi Su Miso

The best way to experience Nobu is to delve deep into its tapas sharing menu. Start with the cold dishes, sashimi and salad before transitioning to the hot dishes and more substantial fare.

Crispy Oyster with Creamy Wasabi and Caviar

Black Cod with Miso

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno

Some of the many Signature dishes in offer include: (cold dishes) Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, Beef Tataki with Ponzu and Garlic Chips, Salmon Tataki with Jalapeno Karashi Su Miso (hot dishes) Black Cod with Miso, Crispy Oyster with Creamy Wasabi and Caviar, Baby tiger prawns with Creamy Spicy Sauce and Nobu Melbourne style fish and chips. Everyone who frequents Nobu have their own
favourites and it’s almost impossible to shortlist.

The offerings behind the bar are just as impressive as its kitchen counterparts. Whether you’re after imported beer, wine, sake or one of the many exotic cocktails, you’ll be sure to find something exciting to sip on! Why not try the Shira Ume, Apchee Martini (Apple/Lychee) or skip dessert and end the evening with a White Chocolate Passionfruit Martini.  If it hasn’t already crossed your mind, it would be appropriate to mention at this point that this venue is not suitable for people looking to dine on a budget. Be prepared to pull out the plastic!


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