Cat Stuff Pop Up Market

August 03, 2014


It is official; Melbourne has gone a little cat crazy.  First Australia's first Cat Cafe opened to the public in Melbourne CBD last week, and now there is a pop up market heading to Brunswick this August, specialising in all things kitty.


 [ Image credit: Alice Oehr ]

The Cat Stuff Market will sell cat themed goodies from twenty established Melbourne based artisans including Able and Game, Alice Oehr, Beci Orpin, Camilla Rogers, Cat-Rabbit, Clare Dilworth, Elena King, Eileen Braybrook, Elise Wilken, Georgia Perry, Gemma Patford Legge, Gemma Flack, Jeremy Piert, Kirsten Perry, Kitiya Palaskas, Laura McKellar, Megan McNeill, Michelle MacKintosh, Ry Wilkin and Witu.

[ Image credit: Laura McKellar ]

If you are wondering what sort of feline fancies you will be able to buy at Cat Stuff Market, think cat art, cat cushions, cat plushies, cat embroidery, cat prints and a whole lot more kitty merchandise.

[ Illustration by Cat Rabbit ]

Who can blame Melburnian's for going all kitty crazy, because let's face it, cats are awesome, and now it is time to celebrate that!

[ Illustration by Jeremy Piet ]

Claw your way over to Cat Stuff Market from 14 - 17 August (open over a 4 day period) from 11am - 5pm, at 5/29 Tinning St, Brunswick.  There will be hot drinks and treats between 12 and 3pm on Saturday the 16 August.  To join in with all the kitty-citement, you can join Cat Stuff Market via the official event page on Facebook.

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