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July 26, 2014


From it’s humble beginnings in raw, organic chocolate manufacturing – Panachocolate has now established itself a café on the outskirts of metropolitan Richmond. Specialising in freshly made cakes and ganache, their connoisseurs assure that all Pana creations are

-       organic

-       vegan

-       gluten free

-       dairy free

-       soy free

-       handmade


Slightly cynical in my judgement to the duplicate of the infamous cheesecake and on a whim of curiosity I plunged into the fig, walnut and caramel slice before me.

Silky, smooth and sinewy – texture was balanced with the right amount of gooey churn owing to the fig and delicate crunch of the crushed walnuts seamlessly integrated with the caramel. Notably (and thankfully) it lacked the gluggy, overwhelming feeling of a cheesecake coma. I could have easily demolished several slices.


As for the ambiance of the café, it was intensely confident probably in light of the cocoa goodness being served to the world. However one thing I would have changed is the seating. The café is mainly takeaway (other than two stools by the window) and on numerous occasions that I have visited it had been a dreary winter Melbourne day. The only slight criticism I have for such a lovely  ‘’cheese’’ cake experience!


Definitely check out their instagram for great visuals of the slices. Do be aware that their slices change everyday and one you may have tried on a certain day may not even appear again (though I am praying for the fig, walnut and caramel slice to make a return).


How to get there

Easiest way would be to catch a Lilydale train and get off at East Richmond. Literally 30 seconds on the opposite side of the road from the station. You can also get off at Richmond and walk but this took about 10 minutes.



491 Church St, Richmond, Vic


Opening Times

Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10pm – 4pm






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