Melbourne Zoo - Always Evolving

July 23, 2014


Forget Darwin’s theory of evolution, at Melbourne Zoo you can witness constant evolution taking place. Every time I visit the zoo there is a fantastic new exhibit, or cool activity to take part in.


One of the newest attractions is Lemur Island. This is an enclosure you get to actually walk around in. Talk about get up close and personal. There is no having to see these adorable little fur balls through metal bars, you can hang out in their fantastic new Lemur pad for as long as you want.

Enter Lemur Island through a rainforest tunnel and travel up the boardwalk to the Lemur tree house. The landscape and special sound effects will make you feel like you’ve travelled to the forests of Madagascar.


The baboon family also have a new home. Baboon Outlook is a large expanse of rocky outcrops, palm trees and pools that recreates natural savannah grasslands. Finally the baboons have a much larger home with open skies above them. Make sure you check out their cool new exhibit where you can have uninterrupted views through glass or across moats.


Come and see baby elephant Man Jai, so cute and little next to the enormous Asian elephants. The zoo has created a wonderful new home for them; a recreation of an Asian village. You can perch high up on a tiered viewing platform for a great vantage point at feeding and playtime. The kids will love to watch Man Jai tear around in his cool new backyard.


For an extra special treat such as a unique birthday gift, why not purchase an up close encounter. For an extra $25 you or your child can experience a close up encounter with a giraffe, a seal, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, coatis or kangaroos. You will be guided inside the enclosure with your chosen animal to feed and interact with them and learn all about the work their keeper does. A professional photographer will capture this special moment for you to keep.


On a chilly winter day in Melbourne there is nowhere better to get toasty warm than the butterfly house. Another completely immersive exhibit, the butterfly house allows you to walk amongst hundreds of beautiful butterflies in all varieties of stunning colours. The large enclosure is like a sauna inside; the humidity makes the butterflies really active so they are constantly flitting around the gardens, tropical flowers, and your head. Bring your camera, and go hunting for the best butterfly shot.

For the littlies, check out the Go Wild encounter, where young children are encouraged to develop a love of nature through interactive play experiences such as climbing inside a giant tortoise shell to see life from a tortoise point of view, or standing sentinel with the meerkats.


When did you last visit the zoo?

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