Laneway Learning

July 20, 2014


If you are the type of person that likes to expand your knowledge and skill set, yet balks at the idea of enrolling onto a fully fledged course in a formal class setting, you might like to try out city based Laneway Learning instead.

Laneway Learning

Attending a Laneway Learning class will undoubtedly be like no other you would have been to before.  Classes start from just $12 (some hands-on classes may incur an additional small cost for materials), and take place on week day evenings in two funky bars positioned in Melbourne's iconic laneways;  The Little Mule Cycle Company & Cafe on Somerset Place and Shebeen, tucked away on Manchester Lane.  Given that Laneway Learning classes take place is bars, you've probably guessed that you can actually enjoy a beer (or soft drink if you prefer) at the same time learn a new skill.

Homebrewing: Fun Fermentation

Make Your Own Foliage Crown

You might be intrigued to know what sort of knowledge you could be taking home with you when attending a 1.5 hour (approx) Laneway Learning class; well, there is a lot to tempt your interests.  You will find topics covering art, craft, DIY and design, as well as philosophy, photography, science, social issues, sustainability and fashion.  To give you an idea of the type of classes you could be signing up to, the following lessons will be taking place in July:

* Make Your Own Foliage Crown

* Homebrewing: Fun Fermentation

* Plant Identification is Hard: Let's Cheat!

* Bush Toys – Native Grasses Handicraft

* Finding Your Style: A Renter’s Guide

* Cryptic Crosswords

* Calligraphy  - Typography for Digital Natives

* How to Make Raw Wholejuices

Given the length of each class at Laneway Learning, you can't expect to go home an expert in absolutely anything overnight, it is more about getting a taste of something new, taking home knowledge from the expert, and most importantly, having fun doing so. 

Foilage Crown and Wristband

To obtain an up-to-date list of what's on, head to and book your preferred class online.  Be quick if you see a class you like, most reach capacity very, very quickly.

You can also haunt Laneway Learning via the usual social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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