Lake Wendouree

July 19, 2014


In the midst of the cute, rural town of Ballarat, you'll find a peaceful lake known as Lake Wendouree.

The town really has that small town, country feel, but away from the historic buildings lies a more active side of town.

Around the lake, you'll find families out for walks and many cyclists out and about.

There are several cafes around the area, capitalising on the views of the lake. It was especially pretty on an autumn's day, providing an ideal place to sit and relax and take in the fresh air away from the city.

We dropped by Racers Bar and Cafe, which really lived up to its name with cyclists coming and going and greeting each other as if they were all one big club. It really provided that tight-knit sense of community.

This was located just across the lake, so after our meal we walked over to take in the view on the sunny yet cold day.

If you want to take a walk around the lake, check out this link here, which estimates the walk will take just a bit over one hour.

As a small town, it's also not that far from the main street of Sturt Street, which is lined with shops and side streets with more iconic buildings to explore.

Not to mention the Ballarat Botanical Gardens are just located next to the lake! This is a great starting place, or quick, peaceful stop, if you are exploring Ballarat and it will lead you to many more adventures.

 For more information on surrounding attractions and activities in Ballarat, click here.

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