LIbrary at the Dock

July 18, 2014


There’s a new library in town but it’s so much more than a big room full of books. The Library at the Dock is Docklands latest addition to the picturesque Victoria Harbour precinct.


Located at 107 Victoria Harbour Promendae Docklands, the new community hub has a huge collection of books, magazines, DVD's CD's and games to borrow. Made from materials such as recycled hardwood taken from the old docks, the Libray at the Dock is three levels of entertainment incorporating the latest in technology.

For kids there is a fabulous kids corner with a comfy picture book arch that is the perfect place for littlies to perch and browse from a handful of the latest colourful offerings.

This children’s area has some of the coolest hi tech attractions I have ever seen in a library. There are two giant touch screens on the wall where the kids can play life sized versions of Where’s Wally and a Disney themed Memory Game.

On the floor is a giant interactive digital floor that has brightly coloured 3D interactive scenes. When the kids touch or walk across the floor the digital image responds. Watch their amazed and fascinated faces as the water ripples out when they step on it, and the fish swim away timidly, just like it is real. Walk across a golden field, where colourful flowers spring to life behind you. There are numerous surprise sequences for the kids to delight in.


For the bigger kids and adults alike, there is a games room with two table tennis tables. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a library where you can play table tennis.

Upstairs there is a whole room full of old games consoles and retro arcade game machines to delight the gamers of all ages. If you’re interested in learning about the history and development of Docklands there is an interactive display with huge touch screens documenting the Docklands story. The kids will love the giant ‘Ipad’ like screen with pictorial scenes from all around docklands that they can swipe to change.



There’s even a small cafe where you can enjoy a quiet coffee and cake while you read. I’d love to comment on the food and drink but sadly it is cash only, and we only had cards on us. This is a little frustrating given its isolated location at the end of the docks.

The best part about the location is the stunning views of the harbour and surrounds from large windows on every floor, around the whole perimeter of the building. On sunny days enjoy a quiet read from the front deck in the afternoon sunshine.

There is something for the whole family to enjoy at the new Library at the Dock.


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