Dine Out in Degraves Street

July 18, 2014


Degraves Street is a narrow cobblestone laneway running between flinders Street and Flinders Lane, opposite Flinders Street Station in Melbourne CBD.

The first thing you notice is the abundance of cafes, restaurants and tiny hole in the wall eateries lining either side of the road. Being one of the most frequented laneways for lunch or dinner, Degraves St is always teeming with people. Numerous hip and trendy bars make this a popular spot with young professionals.


A large section of the laneway has been filled with huge black umbrellas shading many tables for patrons to eat their meal by cosy portable heaters. So you can enjoy dining in comfort no matter how inclement the weather.

Gluten free eating has become trendy among the health conscious, and as such you can find gluten free options at many of the eateries here. So if you actually have intolerance to gluten, or are a coeliac, you will find a pleasantly wide choice of options that are often lacking in other dining out locations.

For those who have gluten or wheat allergies, can’t eat sugar, dairy or eggs, prefer vegetarian, Paleo or vegan options, or simply prefer healthy, organic meal choices when dining out, you must try TOFWD. This stands for ‘The Organic Food and Wine Deli and is a treasure trove of healthy organic foods. There are cold deli foods to take home and cook later, but if you want something for lunch or dinner they have a large choice of delicious light meals on offer.

I decided to try the organic homemade carrot, lentil and coriander soup. It comes with optional toast and other side dishes. I chose a piece of Spelt toast. Spelt is a form of wheat made with no genetic modification so it is great for those who are intolerant to other wheat products. The toast was also homemade, wholemeal infused with tasty cheese, and absolutely delicious and the perfect accompaniment to my piping hot, savoury soup. It was freezing cold the day I visited and this superb hot soup really hit the spot. I finished my meal with a yummy banana smoothie, such a healthy lunch but so tasty. I would recommend the food here to anyone, not just those with dietary limitations.

So next time you are in town go exploring the Degraves Street laneway. I’ve yet to try food here that I didn’t enjoy immensely.

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